Panel #2 Afro-Queer Reality in the Film Industry

Panel #2 Afro-Queer Reality in the Film Industry

September 24 - 3 pm

Location: INIS - Institut national de l'image et du son

Get ready for an insightful exploration of the Afro queer experience within the film industry. Join us on the 24th of september for "Panel on the Afro Queer Reality in the Film Industry" at STUDIO - INIS. Led by the dynamic Naomie Caron, this session will delve into the unique challenges, triumphs, and creative contributions of Afro queer individuals in the world of cinema. Our diverse panelists, who encompass filmmakers, actors, and industry professionals, will share their perspectives and experiences, shedding light on the representation, opportunities, and obstacles faced by Afro queer voices. Through this engaging dialogue, we aim to shed light on the stories that deserve to be told and celebrated, promoting a more inclusive and representative film landscape.

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