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FestivalOfficial Massimadi Selection 2021
Trigger WarningHomophobia and heterosexism
Trigger WarningSexism and misogyny
Trigger WarningTransphobia and trans misogyny


Where are and who are the girls that make up the funk movement? Funk has always been a form of protest and so is being a woman to! Beat is Protest – Funk from a female perspective is a short documentary that portrays the underground scene of women in the protest funk of the last decade in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The testimonies come from transgender women, cisgender who transit in different functions within this universe. They are singers, DJs, beatmakers, producers, businesswomen, MCs, dancers and drag queens who also face prejudice with their characters in the middle. The project arises to investigate and give voice to these women who are out of the media nowadays and explores themes such as public policies, market and the female body in these spaces.


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  • Official Selection
    Massimadi 2021.
  • Thema : [2021] Activist Rhythm
  • Beat is Protest is available on the Massimadi platform for free.

    Availability starts 02/12/2021 11:59 am ends 03/12/2021 11:59 pm