Picnic Fruit Salad  + Storytime with Barbada

Picnic Fruit Salad + Storytime with Barbada

September 17 - 2 pm

Location: Daisy Peterson Park

Experience a delightful and inclusive event tailored for ages 6-12 – a Fruit Salad Picnic Activity. Join us for a colourful and vibrant afternoon full of fun and learning, hosted by the charismatic drag artist, Barbada. Immerse yourself in the magical world of "Story Time with Barbada," where storytelling is elevated to an art form, inspiring young minds and celebrating diversity. This activity is designed to create an environment where all children can embrace their unique identities and connect with others in a spirit of inclusivity. Don't miss this opportunity for your young ones to enjoy a wholesome and engaging experience that promotes creativity, self-expression, and unity.


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