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Meet Laurent Lafontant, our esteemed President and a driving force behind the Massimadi Foundation's impactful journey. With a rich tapestry of experience in community building, advocacy, and creative endeavors, Laurent has been instrumental in steering our foundation towards greater heights.

His profound dedication to amplifying the voices of Afroqueer communities, celebrating their stories, and challenging norms resonates deeply within the fabric of the Massimadi mission. Under Laurent's visionary leadership, we've continued to evolve as a platform that champions inclusivity, artistic expression, and societal transformation.

Laurent's strategic acumen, coupled with his keen understanding of the intricate interplay between identity and culture, has been pivotal in shaping our foundation's endeavors. His leadership has invigorated our efforts to create a world that embraces diversity and empowers marginalized communities.

With Laurent at the helm, we're not just fostering change; we're nurturing a movement that echoes through every facet of our foundation's work. From celebrating 15 years of Massimadi's existence to propelling us into a future of impactful initiatives, Laurent's unwavering commitment ignites the spark of progress that defines our journey.

Rene Ricardo Bernal

Development Manager, René Ricardo Bernal: A dedicated professional with a proven track record in driving growth and cultivating strategic partnerships. René brings a wealth of experience in fostering relationships, identifying opportunities, and implementing effective strategies to propel our organization forward. With a keen understanding of business development and a passion for building meaningful connections, René plays a pivotal role in expanding our reach and impact. His innovative thinking and commitment to driving sustainable growth make him an invaluable asset to our team. Under René's leadership, we are poised to forge new collaborations and ventures that align with our mission and amplify our presence in the community.

Wanderson Santos

Project Manager, Wanderson Santos: A skilled professional with a background in both project management and scenarization. With a proven track record in effectively managing projects and a creative flair for crafting compelling narratives, Wanderson brings a unique blend of strategic thinking and artistic vision to our team. His ability to oversee projects with precision, while infusing them with creative storytelling elements, makes him a dynamic force in achieving successful outcomes. Wanderson's expertise in project management and scenarization enriches our approach, ensuring that our projects are not only well-executed but also tell engaging stories that resonate with our audiences.

Naomie Caron

Naomie Caron, our dedicated Project Manager for MOMENTUM, an innovative initiative crafted by the Fondation Massimadi to provide invaluable support to individuals within our community. Under the umbrella of our Programme d'accompagnement en scénarisation, Naomie plays a pivotal role in guiding and nurturing emerging talents, fostering creativity, and promoting authentic representation.

With her deep-rooted passion for storytelling and her acumen in project management, Naomie brings a unique blend of skills to the table. Her commitment to elevating the voices of Afroqueer creators, combined with her expertise in the intricacies of screenwriting, creates a nurturing environment where aspiring talents can thrive.

Through MOMENTUM, Naomie Caron embodies our commitment to empowering individuals, cultivating artistic excellence, and advancing the presence of Afroqueer narratives within the realm of cinema. Her dedication is an integral part of the journey towards greater representation and inclusivity that Massimadi proudly champions.

Gamaëlle Millien

Communication Manager: Gamaëlle Millien, a dynamic and innovative professional with a passion for effective communication strategies. With a background in both traditional and digital media, Gamaëlle brings a fresh perspective to our team. Her expertise in crafting compelling narratives and engaging content ensures that our message resonates with our diverse audience. From managing press relations to social media campaigns, Gamaëlle plays a vital role in spreading the mission and vision of our organization.



Since February 2022, the Massimadi Foundation has had a new board of directors consisting of four motivated and inspiring individuals:

Laurent Maurice Lafontant, President (under his photo "laurent" - use a photo from a previous activity report to avoid repeating the same picture)
Érykah Gasaïda Werner, Secretary (under her photo "erykah")
Kashmi Saint-Germain, Treasurer (under her photo "Kashmi.png")
Yorrick Bouyela, Director (under his photo - I asked him)

Laurent Maurice Lafontant

Project Manager
Wanderson Santos

Development Manager
Rene Ricardo Bernal

Communication Manager
Gamaëlle Millien

THE "15th Massimadi Festival" TEAM

Artistic Direction and Program Manager: Wanderson Santos

Production Direction:
Anaïs Venegas-Grün

Production Assistant:
Samarah Polynice

Technical Direction:
Roxane Bédart and William Cuture

Photography: Upcoming

Graphic Design:
Andréa Kpenou

Kezna Dalz

Caterer: Marcathia "la cuillère gourmande"

Technical and Site Team: Isabelle Guévremont-Marcotte, and the IGM Informatique INC. team.

Film Advisory Committee: Soyane Diallo, Paul-Addly Dorizan, Yamileth Espinosa, Naomie Caron, Wanderson Santos.

Public Relations: Raison d’être média / Danny Payne and Alex Nitsiou


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