The short films of the official selection 2021

About twenty short formats are on the program for this edition!

Have we been conditioned? A leisurely day belies its uninvited end as Jay and Alex, best friends and roommates, challenge one another on their opinions of sexuality.
In the sports court of a school, dancers rehearse under the watchful eye of a choreographer. Tensions haunt personal desires as they are observed by a rival troupe.
Transgender woman share stories from Californian prisons
After an unexpected one-night stand, two women at very different stages of their lives, share an even more intimate morning after.
Following a controversial political election in the Republic of Congo, eighteen-year-old Bria Emboko finds herself caught between her father’s loyalty to the government and the growing dissent of the citizens around her.
Georgie and Stan are two friends living in a small town in northern France. Georgie dreams of being in the spotlight while Stan wants to be a filmmaker.

Thema 2021Tendresse exquise

A man struggling emotionally after a breakup meets another man for one night, a few hours together will ease emotions and create a momentum that will stay forever with them.
After an unexpected one-night stand, two women at very different stages of their lives, share an even more intimate morning after.
A feature length documentary about the lives and loves of southern gay black men

Calendar of events
Massimadi 2021

Ok it’s mostly virtual a bit on Zoom… but not boring at all!
All events are in timezone Montréal (EST +5)

Data Thieves: What our archives tell us

11 février – 27 mars 2021

Yannis Davy Guibinga

Virtual and physical exhibition presented by Massimadi and Nigra Iuventa at Never Apart

Boy Wives and Female Husbands

“Boy Wives and Female Husbands” explores the trans and non-binary communities that have existed across the African continent. This series seeks to examine the place these individuals held in their societies and the manners in which they expressed their genders beyond the binary system. Past and present are brought together in this collection to promote positive change by inspiring reflection on how these same communities are currently treated on the African continent and around the world.

Silicone Sunset & Eclectic Identity

“Silicone Sunset” and “Eclectic Identity” are the result of a collaboration between the artist and Montreal designer Olivia Bretheau. Both collections explore the notions of masculinity and femininity through fashion design. In these series, we seek to provide current and future generations with greater fluidity in their identity construction.


“2050” strives to imagine what black women might look like in the future. By exploring issues of identity, femininity and beauty through a futuristic lens, 2050 is a series aimed at showing viewers that black beauty remains timeless.

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Data Thieves: Ce que nous transmettent nos archives

11 february – 27 march 2021

Syrus Marcus Ware

Virtual and physical exhibition presented by Massimadi and Nigra Iuventa at Never Apart

Ancestors, Can You Read Us? (Dispatches from the Future)

Toronto-based artist Syrus Marcus Ware imagines a world where racialized people have survived the “Black death spectacle” writ large on the nightly news; survived the catastrophic impact of the Anthropocene; and survived the crushing effects of white supremacy.

Commissioned by the Toronto Biennial of Art 2019, the artist draws on the shared language of speculative fiction and political activism to transform the Salah J. Bachir New Media Wall at Ryerson Image Centre into a portal through which the next generation of racialized activists communicate with us, their ancestors, and offer us insights into the future.


Originally featured as a two-part and multi-site installation at 259 Lake Shore Blvd E (The Toronto Biennial of Art main site) and Ryerson Image Centre’s New Media Wall, Antarctica imagines a world where racialized people have survived the “black death spectacle” writ large on the nightly news; survived the catastrophic impact of the Anthropocene; and survived the crushing effects of white supremacy. Drawing on the shared language of speculative fiction and political activism, Ware creates a portal that takes us to eleven characters in the summer of 2030, each with birthright citizenship to the only habitable place on earth: Antarctica. Their task? To begin terraforming for the new colony.

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Guided tour

Art Therapy Workshops : Remembering who we are

All February

Kat Charles

A series of therapeutic workshops

Text and workshops by Kat Charles, art therapist

This therapeutic workshop series is tailored for queer, trans and non-binary black afro-descendants. We will be creating safe and sacred space for us to begin understanding, unravelling and gaining insight into how internalized oppression has impacted our concept of who we are and who we can be.

Through techniques such as improvisation, role-play, we will also be encouraging radical joy as an act of resistance. This therapeutic workshop series is not meant to be a substitute for therapy, but a fertile ground for community and for planting the seeds of a nascent therapeutic journey for all participants.

RSVP Mandatory

Poetry to heal

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Model and TRANSmission

19 february 2021 > 7pm EST

Hosted by Alicia Kazobinka

Round table in collaboration with Célébrons les afro-québécoises – CLAQ

Knowledge and talents of black trans women with Elle Barbara, Christopher Marlot et Backxwash

CLAQ presents its first opening panel Model and TRANSmission: knowledge and talent of black trans women. In collaboration with Massimadi, three panelists talk about their experiences as artists, singers and dancers and how they transmit their art to their community.

Alicia Kazobinka

spokesperson for Massimadi, conference speaker and trans rights activist

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Hella Comedy Night

21 february 2021 – 5>7pm EST

With Brendon Ash-Mohammed, Cleif Knight, Tamara Shevon (anglophones) and Daphney Joseph, Tahnee, and Mamari (francophones).

Comedy evening hosted by Naila Rabel

Put on your jammies, uncoil your headphones and untape your webcam for Massimadi’s first comedy night!

It’s been a hella of a year for most people on the planet, but if there is something that we’ve learned from living through centuries of colonial nonesense is that the ultimate manifestation of our strenght is our ability to love and laugh in face of adversity.

Facebook Event

Watch Facebook Live starts at 5PM

Followed by the speed-dating for black women*

This comedy night is followed by an exciting and exclusive after-party for black queer women* who love women*. That’s right! Being black queer and fam is the gift that keeps giving as we will be holding our first speed dating night hosted by Naila Rabel and Alicia Kazobinka.

*trans and non-binary women welcome.

Splendidly novel : speed dating

21 february 2021 ~ 9pm EST

Naila Rabel & Alicia Kazobinka

Speed-dating pour femmes* noires

Exciting and breathtaking speed dating for black queer women* who love women*

Hosted by Naila Rabel, known for her Instagram vlog La grosse qui fait des videos and Alicia Kazobinka, Massimadi’s influential spokeswoman. Ok, you’re going to tell us mehhh I’m shy, but this is for us, between us! A new activity to break emotional deprivation in times of the pandemic. The goal of this speed dating will be to build friendships, chat and who knows… maybe find a soul mate through dynamic exchanges in a safe and exclusive (non-mixed) space for black queer women*.

*trans and non-binary women welcome.

RSVP Mandatory

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Black Utopia

27 february 2021 > 1:30 pm
Panel presented by Massimadi and Nigra Iuventa in connection with the exhibition presented at Never Apart

Contemporary society is a large, intricately woven web built on colonial and conservative values that have engendered different relationships of domination.Black communities, at the intersection of different social inequalities, have a long history of rebellion that demonstrates their willingness not to remain tied to this web. Struggles that mutate, adapt, are inscribed in time, and are transmitted intergenerationally in the form of a legacy of revolutionary urgency.Revolution suggests renewal and leads to the reflection of an “after”.

What would a world free of oppression look like for African and Afrodescendant people?From the quest for identity to social structure, different questions emerge, leading us to dream of the black utopia but also to reflect on its limits. To reflect on the different versions of this black utopia, we will have the pleasure of having journalist Omayra Issa who will lead this discussion in English with our panelists:

Omayra Issa, host

Omayra Issa is a bilingual journalist and TV host with experience working across a wide range of media platforms. Based in Saskatoon, Omayra works for Canada’s public broadcaster, Radio-Canada/CBC. She is currently a reporter with CBC Saskatchewan. She has also led a national initiative on diversity and inclusion at Radio-Canada.


Photographer of Gabonese origin, documenting the cultures and identities of the African continent and its diaspora.


Researcher, visual artist, activist, educator who uses painting, installation and performance to explore social justice frameworks and black activist culture.

nènè myriam konaté

Transdisciplinary artist and facilitator whose work is primarily concerned with storytelling and body knowledge

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Music and urban spaces

09 march 2021 > 5pm EST
Panel discussion in collaboration with the Afro Urbain festival

Music as a participatory tool in the creation of inclusive urban spaces for black queer people

Following the screening of two films dealing with the place of Afro & queer women in the music world: “Where My Girls” by Mads Engel (21 minutes / USA) and “Beat Is Protest! Funk by the female optics” by Mayara Efe (23 minutes / Brazil), shown as part of the 13th edition of Massimadi: LGBTQ+ Afro Film and Arts Festival, how can music contribute to the creation of inclusive urban spaces for Afro queer people? Panel discussion with :


Multidisciplinary artist (from painting to digital drawing and vinyl mixing) in Montreal.

Mélissa Laveaux

Singer, musician, and composer of Canadian origin and French nationality since 2019. Her music is tinged with Haitian influences, the country her parents came from, as well as blues and folk.

Wutangu DJette

Of Swiss and Angolan background, active on the Brussels scene with the collective Leaving Living Dakota. Her sets combine music from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, with a rap and techno vibe.

Hosted by Aisha Vertus (GAYANCE)

Montreal-based music programmer

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« Beat Is Protest! Funk by the female optics »

« Where My Girls »

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