About the MASSIMADI Festival

Every February since 2009, as part of Black History Month, Massimadi presents films, documentaries, and web-series on LGBTQ+ themes that highlight members of Black communities. 
Massimadi is a space where artists and activists address issues affecting Black communities in round tables and public discussions.
The festival is also a platform to introduce local artistic talent and share Afro LGBTQ+ culture through the arts.

About the MASSIMADI Foundation

The Massimadi Foundation’s mission is to promote the arts and culture of Black LGBTQ+ communities as a vector for social change in the fight against homophobia and transphobia, and as a means of integration for Afro LGBTQ+ individuals. 

Our three-part mission:

  • Promote Afro LGBTQ+ culture and art;
  • Prevent and fight against discrimination towards LGBTQ+ individuals in Black communities;
  • Highlight and encourage the creativity of LGBTQ+ artists from Black communities.

The 14th edition of the Massimadi LGBTQ+ Afro is provided to you by the Massimadi Foundation


Laurent Maurice Lafontant, Coordination

Gio Olmos, Production coordinator & programming assistant

Soyane Diallo, Partnerships

Sènan Elisha, Communications

Selection Committee

Yorrick Bouyuela

Awaleh Godad

Gabriyel Netilia

Chiara Battaglia

Kashmi Saint-Germain

Gregorio Pablo Rodríguez-Arbolay

Kwame Bertrand

Dimani Cassendo

Kis Keya

Luc Brissette


Public Relations

Raison d’être média / Danny Payne et Alex Nitsiou

Massimadi is an original idea of

Solange Musanganya

Visuals & Graphic Design

Kezna Dalz, Poster & Illustration

Johnelle Smith, Graphic Design

Lawrence Lorna Eliacin, Trailer

Anthony Plagnes Payá, Alex Catus, Website