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FestivalOfficial Massimadi Selection 2021


In the middle of her husband’s funeral, Maritere (70) receives a visit from Angela (65), whom she hasn’t seen in decades. Maritere reacts as if she has seen a ghost, and wards off all of Angela’s approaches. Maritere’s overprotective son, Fernando notices the strange interactions between the two women and assumes that Angela is one of his late father’s mistresses. However, it is revealed that Maritere and Angela were intimate lovers a long time ago. Under pressure by Fernando who wants to throw Angela out of the house, Maritere will have to decide whether to continue her present life as a widow or give herself the chance to feel love again.


Crew & Casts


Pati Cruz

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  • Official Selection
    Massimadi 2021.
  • Thema : [2021] Dear ones
  • The Mistress is available on the Massimadi platform for free.

    Availability starts 02/12/2021 11:59 am ends 03/13/2021 11:59 pm